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About Us

We're Hug, and we do video production

A good hug is simple, mutual, unconditional, and something everybody understands. A feeling can say so much more than words. Our Sydney production team has a mission to spread that feeling to as many people as possible.

With over two decades of video production experience, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, so they don’t have to be yours. It’s safe to say we know our way around a film set. Our Sydney production team expands to 30 + with each member having their own set of niche skills. This means every phase of your project is cast with an expert’s touch.

We aim to be more than just the guys with the camera that roll in and out on an ad hoc basis. We love being an extension of the team; a mate to spitball ideas with and help bring them to life – your video production partner.

At Hug, we want to use our skills to make sure each production meets goals and realises results. There are many ways to tackle a problem, but we reckon the best way is to communicate openly and collaborate. We’re not into making video for video’s sake. There’s too much rubbish out there. We want to smash out of boundaries, make video with purpose and reimagine visual storytelling. If not for us, for the eager audiences waiting to be dazzled.

So, if you’re looking for a people-focused production crew that thinks normal is so last year, send us a message. We’ll get together and make some unique content to share. We’ll be professionals, weirdos and thought provokers; and make sure Hug is a place where everyone is welcome.