“The Little Guys With The Big Ideas”

Hug creates and realises a vision that evokes a feeling, forging a lasting bond with your audience that is stronger than just words. 
From scripting to filming, to editing, we work with your brand’s core values to deliver your message to the audience you want, the way that you want it to be heard.

Our Team



Inspired by life, people, art, and a desire to make something, not just different but something to move his audience. Ant leads the creative with the ability to deliver effective art and storytelling, working both within boundaries and smashing out of them.

His ideas are original, sometimes quirky and intriguing as is his sense of humour!



Director of Photography

What sets him apart from the rest is the way that he’ll capture that one moment that makes a video move from great to exceptional.

Peter grew up with a VHS camera on his shoulder testament both to how old he is and how dedicated; and to why his posture isn’t as good as it should be.

He knows how to evoke an emotion through something as simple as a camera movement and is inspired with great attention to detail, dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s in any production he’s involved in, taking great pleasure in all the well placed, well-oiled cogs that are Hug Media.



Head of Production

She is the cool, calm, and collected production wizard of Hug. Marquita finds her expressiveness is achieved through making things run smoothly in the best and most efficient way possible.

With over eight years experience in Production and Digital Operations, Quita has worked on some of the biggest film and TV releases in Australia, she knows the ins and outs of producing high-quality content and has an eagle eye for detail; making her the perfect fit for our team.

Quita’s joy comes from making creative ideas into a reality and she does it with a smile and a touch of comedy (at least we think she is joking).



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