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Case Study

The Story

As far as taglines go, Invacare’s “Yes, you can” rings true at every level of the business. With a mission to merge the gap between functionality and excellence, Invacare ensures those with disabilities can experience life without limits. We needed to show this to the world while emphasising how Invacare became the global industry leader of in-home medical products and services.

In line with their purpose, the #bornwithit campaign focuses on the ways in which disability does not define you. Rather, it’s the character traits – motivation, commitment, determination – that set you apart. Exploring the story of Paralympics-star Rheed McCracken across seven social videos, we were able to capture the heart of Invacare, showcasing their products as the sidekick every hero needs.


For this campaign, the narrative needed to be inspiring, engaging and relatable to a younger target market. Rheed was an obvious choice as an edgy sports star with a story of determination, resilience and hard-earned success. 


During production, we captured in-depth interviews with Rheed and his family to create an intimate series of videos that showcase how his character traits shaped his future. To create a grungy look, we used handheld camera inspired by The Hurt Locker, and a high contrast and moody cinema-grade. Further, we scored the video with a Rock track to add to the gritty style.