Motley Squad

Winner of Best Influencer Strategy – Mumbrella Comms Con Awards 2020

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Over 34 million earned media reach – 87.1% positive sentiment

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Website traffic increased by 44%

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Sales increased by 23%

Case Study

The Story

Lenovo Legion’s products are designed for the modern gamer – sleek and stylish, with the latest gaming tech built on the inside, ensuring smooth transition from work to play. With only 7% brand awareness upon launching, Lenovo needed a campaign that showcased the benefits of their products, while expanding their demographic to the unexpected gamer.

We created a series of videos focusing on the gaming journey of an unexpected crew – The Motley Squad, featuring celebrities Shannon Noll, Steven Bradbury, Cassidy McGill and Roxy Jacenko. The campaign included ten videos: an initial TVC introducing the squad, team gaming video, and individual in-home interviews/ product testimonials.


As a two-part video campaign, we employed two styles for different effect.

Part 1: To build intrigue and hype around the campaign, we created a filmic preview introducing the Motley Squad. To further the promo feel, we used a cinematic grade, graphics akin to those used in iconic Guy Ritchie films, and moments of humour.

Part 2: The second part of the campaign focused on each celebrity’s gaming experience using the products in the comfort of their home. Employing documentary techniques, including handheld camera and natural lighting, we were able to create an ‘MTV Cribs’ experience – a balance between stylised aesthetic and authenticity, much like the experience of gaming with Lenovo Legion.