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The Story

Specialists in cloud computing and tech services, Rackspace needed a campaign that showcased their expertise. Cue, Amazing Minds: a series of 18 videos implemented across YouTube, LinkedIn and Web, exploring the capabilities of the team – or, as they call themselves, the Rackers.

With a focus on niche high-tech topics, these videos emphasise the traits that make each employee unique in their department, including their skills, passion points and distinct personalities. Through this campaign, we explore the extraordinary individuals who have transformed the company into a global industry leader.


We created a series of snackable, fast-paced videos that are informative, yet still engaging to a broader audience outside of the conventional ‘tech-head’ demographic. To keep the videos snappy and exciting, we supported the in-depth Q&A interviews with colourful graphics, animation and b-roll to. Finally, we applied bright, cool tones of natural lighting to keep the vibe positive, while in line with a future-tech aesthetic.

Using varied locations, from the Rackspace offices to the open warehouse, this campaign offers a window into the professional lives of the Rackers. A snapshot of where the magic happens.